Words Request Form

This school year Auburn Dance Academy is on a mission to foster a sense of community through learning and the performing arts. As every student is asked to do some form of creative writing at school we would like to invite you to submit copies of student writing to Auburn Dance Academy’s Words by Kids, Tweens, and Teens acting workshop this fall. Our acting students will then read and select several stories for adaptation into acting scenes, rehearse selected scenes, and bring live student led performances into the classrooms of participating teachers / buildings in the spring of 2019. Through this experience we believe teachers, students, and engaged community members can dive into a meaningful discussion on the importance of strong written language, how a simple story can be turned into performance art, and begin to understand the importance writing has in all stages of life.

Teachers are busy, therefore we would like your participation in Words by Kids, Tweens, and Teens to not add anything extra to your work load. You do not need to assign anything extra to your students, simply choose a writing assignment you already have planned, complete an online Words by Kids, Tweens, and Teens submission form, and upload copies of your students work. Electronic submissions are completed on our website at www.auburndanceacademy.com. If you would rather submit a paper submission, you can do so by mailing your submission or by contacting one of our representatives and they will come by the school to pick it up.

Words by Kids, Tweens, and Teens is open to all 2 nd/3 rd/4th, 6th/7th, and 9th/10th grade students. The deadline for class submissions is November 15th, 2018. Our acting workshop students will spend the month of November and December reading and selecting written work for scene adaptation. By January 15th , we will announce schools and classrooms with written work selected to be performed by actors from our Words by Kids, Tweens, and Teens program. In January we will be in contact with all teachers and schools who have had work selected for adaptation, and we will begin to set up the Words by Kids, Tweens, and Teens classroom performance tour schedule.

We are excited to bring this learning opportunity to classrooms this fall, and are hopeful you are as well. If you have any questions or concerns you can email our Words by Kids, Tweens, and Teens coordinator, Jen Mohler at info@auburndanceacademy.com. We look forward to hearing from you and fostering relationships of learning and performing arts within the community.